Monday, May 21, 2012

A Commanding loss

There are questions that have plagued philosophers, theologians and drunks throughout history. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? If you lose to the worst team in the league, who's really the worst?

Once again, the Power dropped one this week. Things started off fairly well. The game started with Superman making one of his best non-scoring returns of the year to get down to the red zone. Although the Power needed a lot of tries and some help from one of KC's (many) penalties, we got in.

Things continued back and forth most of the game, with Berry being the standout performance of the evening. He was our top receiver, averaged almost 20 yards a return and had an important pick. Turner and Joystick also made their normal contributions. Refreshingly, our new kicker could actually kick, missing just one PAT on the evening. Finally, there was the fact that Coach Siegfried made his first call in weeks that I agreed with - he put Cassidy back in.

Problem is, we still had turnovers, picks, failed defense, lack-luster offense and overall "meh." We kept it close and didn't lose by much, but....damnit, it was the KC Command. "Close" shouldn't have ever entered into the equation. It should have been "handily" or "crushingly." This loss - our fifth in a row - was shameful.

Apparently, the Powers that be feel the same way. Siegfried is out. Gone. Fired. That's the good news. The bad news is that our Defensive Coordinator Derek Stingley, who coached last year for the woeful New Orleans Voodoo, has been promoted to head coach. Also, we've added Offensive Coordinator Mike Tomczak - yes, that Mike Tomczak.

So...yeah. We have a bye week this weekend to let this all sink in and see if there's any season left to salvage.

Elsewhere in the League
  • Georgia had me wondering. I called them to win, but Milwaukee jumped out to a huge lead early on (21 points, if I remember correctly) and looked to be delivering a solid whoopin. Unfortunately for them, they fell apart in the second half until they were tied up right at the end of regulation. Georgia booted a 31-yard field goal over the uprights to pull ahead. The Mustangs tried to out-do them with 2 seconds left and a 61-yard attempt. Georgia blocked it and went home winners.
  • The Voodoo and the Predators pulled the same kind of game. Orlando played the Voodoo hard, brought the pressure and even sacked Rocco. It looked like the game was theirs until the Voodoo dug deep and brought the game home late in the second half.
  • Out in Spokane, the Shock started the game by just pounding on the Soul. It got out of hand rather quickly until Dirty Dan and his unstoppable team came b- Wait. No. The other thing - they lost by almost 20 points.
  • This one, I never saw coming. Early in the game, the struggling Sharks pulled off two picks from the Barnstormers and just rode the wave to victory. It was a crushing defeat for Iowa, who fell 55-19
  • Well, I was right about Tampa Bay - they lost on the road again. This makes Cleveland the only team in our division to win this week, moving them up to second place in our division. Also, we're not that far behind the Mustangs, so there's still a chance for the Power.
  • Lots of shake up in the West. San Jose got beat pretty handily by the Talons, which I didn't see coming, and the Rattlers beat the Blaze, which I did. This means the Ratts take the top spot, the Cats fall to number two and the Blaze stay at three. But, once again, the Ratts find themselves only a half game away from the team right behind them.

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