Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sabercats at Power: Final home game

Pretty much, it's all over but the crying at this point.  Technically, the Power is still playoff eligible, but we would need to win out and have the Predators lose out.  Not gonna happen, but we can dream.

If nothing else, this weekend will be one last chance to see the Power play at home for the season and -- win or lose -- Sabercats games are fun.  Defying all logic, we've always matched up very well against them, despite them being way out of our league.  The games are generally close, and we've been capable of winning against them.

So, we should just sit back, relax, and watch some football.  It's going to be a short and sweet post, but that's because everything's been said before.  Next week, we'll have a better idea of the playoffs and we can get back to it.

The Sabercats are led by one Russ Michna, known primarily as being the long-time QB of the Chicago Rush and looking just like Keller's brother.  I'm still not sure why Chicago decided to part ways with him, but their loss has been San Jose's gain.  Once they kicked Aaron Garcia all the way back to Florida, Michna turned their offense around.  He's accurate and mobile, with the experience that makes him hard to rattle.

Our offense really hasn't been the same since Jason Willis left, and unfortunately, his return is going to be on the wrong side of the line.  He already has 31 TDs with the Cats, and I'm sure he'll rack up a few more this weekend.

On defense are Clevan Thomas who is an interception machine and Ken Fontenette, who is a tackling machine.  Also, his last name always makes me think that it's the word for the soft spot on a baby's head.  I need help, seriously.

Last week in Cleveland, the Power should have won.  The refs even did everything they could to give us the game, and we still frittered it away.  It was pretty sad.  That kind of play will not stack up against the Sabercats, however, I really think that it's more because the Power have already packed it in for the season.  The record they've had the last two seasons would demoralize anyone, and these guys are only human.  I just hope that they can pull it together one more time for the paying home crowd - especially since the game will be nationally televised.

Elsewhere in the League
  • Utah has nothing left except to play spoiler.  Philly clinches the number one seed in our conference with a win (and a Shock win) this weekend.
  • Iowa is just about out of this if they lose, and the Preds have buffer space.  Given that they have more to play for, the Barnstormers might pull this off - but my money's on the Preds
  • Spokane travels to Jacksonville this week and it could go either way
  • Cleveland's out if they lose this week, and I'm fairly sure that the Rush can accomplish that objective.
  • Tampa pretty much just needs to beat the Talons to get a postseason spot, and they've historically been pretty good when their back is against the wall.
  • Finally, there's NOLA at AZ....which is a freebie for the Ratts.

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