Thursday, May 30, 2013

Power @ Sharks Preview we go again.  We're into the back half of the season and that means we get to start playing good teams again.  This week, we get a rematch against the Sharks, and this time, we're in their house.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, the Sharks are still the dangerous team we faced in week #2...but on the other hand, the Power's gotten a taste of them and tends to be slightly better on the road.  Out of the last four games, the Sharks have had three losses and a win against the three points  That's not a stunning record, so we might have a chance.

Our win last week against the Gladiators was just what the doctor ordered, but we can't make it more than it was.  Cleveland is a lousy, lousy team.   However, that game was a blast to watch, and there was actual life in Consol for the first time in more than a year.  Plus, it was a division win - so I think that, more important than the victory itself, it was a confidence builder.

So, what are we looking at this week?  Well, it's a road game, as mentioned earlier, which is good and bad, given the Power's history.  The more important part of the team's history is the fact that we've never beaten the Sharks, and we've never ended a game within 20 points of them...and that's something the team CANNOT think about.

The biggest thing that that worked against the Power in the most recent match-up was Jacksonville's defense.  They had six sacks and three picks, and that will kill you every time.  Normal suspects - Swiss cheese line and a rattled QB.  Sheffield is still throwing picks, but he seems to be settling into his role.  Also, the line is giving him more time to think.  That keeps up, we're in a better place.

Other than that, it's business as usual.  There's nothing I can say this time that I didn't say last time we played them specifically, or most weeks in general. 

A few notes:  last week, Chris LeFlore returned a huge kickoff for a TD that helped earn him Week 10 AFL MVP.  Obviously, he's getting more comfortable in his role.  Also, Twitter holds rumblings that Oderick Turner has returned, strengthening the receiver position.  (I didn't see Graves playing last week, so Turner might be filling Graves' shoes.)

It's a road game, but it will air at 7 on ThisTV, this Saturday, June 1st.

Elsewhere in the League
  • I am just giddy this week.  Three games are airing in Pittsburgh, and Philly shifted their kickoff, so I get to watch football from 4 until after midnight.  First up is Philly hosting Arizona.  The Ratts have lost one game this season thus far, so I'm really hoping they'll do the Power a solid and take the Soul down.
  • The Rush maintains their slim grip on the lead in their division as they travel to Florida to play the Preds.  My money is on the Rush.
  • Statistically, the Gladiators are slightly better than the Voodoo.  But, the Voodoo is at home in the Graveyard and has lost 8 in a row...dare we hope for a double smack-down on our division rivals this week?
  • Tampa travels to Iowa with hopes of getting back to their winning ways...and Iowa really needs a win as well to keep up with the Joneses in their division.  Too close to call.
  • Speaking of the Joneses in that division, San Antonio plays host to the Utah Blaze at 8:30 Monday, and the Talons are sporting their fourth QB of the year - former Power thrower, Xavier Lee.  You never seem to see much of him at any one point or position.  He's a utility player who does a bit of everything, but QB is what he seems to really want to do.  I've always liked him, but I'm not sure he has what it'll take to beat Tommy Grady.
  • Finally, the prime time game of the week is the Saberkitties and the Spokane Shock.  It's a division grudge match between two teams that are virtually tied and both riding a winning streak.  The Cats tend to win high-pressure games, but the Shock doesn't just lie down.  I'm just glad we all have the chance to watch this one.

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