Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Weidman's Picks, Week 5

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Okay, week 4 could have been better, but it could have been worse. Now, we're on to week five, and past the quarter-way point for the season.

Titans at Steelers
Okay, the Steelers are banged up and not looking that great this season so far, but we're back home this week and looking for a win. Starks is back on the team to shore up our line, and as far as I know, Keisel will be back in action this week. I think it's still gonna be an ugly game, but I'll take the Steelers by a hair.

Raiders at Texans
I want to pick the Raiders this week, but I got burned by them last week. They've beaten some tough opponents and they only lost to the Bills by a hair - but this one looks to be Houston's week. The Texans should have won by a lot more than they did last week, but they constantly shot themselves in the foot. They're at home this week and probably learning from last week's mistakes - assuming they do learn, then they'll win.

Chiefs at Colts
Yuck. Another one of those games. Neither team really deserves a win, but the Colts are due, and they're at home.

Bungles at Jags
Similar to the above situation, but with a few more W's mixed in. Normally, the move would be to take the home team, but the line is so close, it's a crap-shoot. I'll take the Bungles in this one.

Seahawks at the football Giants
Pretty easy call on this one. The 'Hawks stink, whereas the Giants are good and at home.

Steelers West at Vikings
Can the Vikes make a run on Detroit's perfect season record from a few years ago? This week will tell. I think they're only favored because they're at home, and Starks didn't go there. Cards pull this one off and prove that yet another team has the Minnesota Lepers.

Saints at Panthers
Easy win for the Saints unless they get cocky.

Eagles at Bills
The Bills only lost by a field goal last week, and I'm seeing them going to the playoffs this year (write it down) - The Eagles are still lost. Vick's not long for this season, because he's going to start getting reckless and hurt himself. This being a big statement week, it might happen Sunday. Take the Bills in this one.

Bucs at Niners
Honestly, both of these teams is doing better than I thought they'd be at this point of the season. After some risky picks above, I'm going to play it safe and pick the home team in this matchup.

Jets at Pats
Don't bet against Brady. I did it last week, and life was not good. The Jets got tenderized by the Ravens last week (Shout-out: Sally, try to stop laughing at Flan, please. Flan, we'll get revenge for you on Nov 6th \Shout-out), and now they need to travel to Foxboro. The Jets are flying home in tears.

Chargers at Broncos
I still don't like the Broncos, and the Chargers are coming out strong. They might be on the road, but they're going to take this one.

Pack at Falcons
The Pack needs to lose at some point, but it's not going to be in Atlanta.

Bears at Detroit
Sweet, bubbly Buddha...Do I really need to pick the Lions again? Yes. Yes, I do. The bears are struggling, and Detroit still hasn't seen a loss. I'm starting to feel good about the Thanksgiving game actually being interesting this year, for crying out loud. Take the Lions.

Steelers over Titans
Texans over Raiders
Colts over Chiefs
Bungles over Jags
Football Giants over Seahawks
Arizona over Vikings
Saints over Panthers
Bills over Eagles
Niners over Bucs
Pats over Jets
Chargers over Broncos
Pack over Falcons
Detroit over Bears

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