Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weidman's Picks, Week 12

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Better late than never. Sorry, I just drove 7 hours and I'm updating from my tablet in the middle of nowhere and my closest neighbors are horses and a 19th century graveyard...admitted, better than some of my neighbors back home.

Yay! Gained a little ground back last week and had a really good set of picks. Lets see if I can keep it alive and make some good Turkey Day (week) predictions!

Green Bay at Detroit
Not news: Detroit is going to lose on Thanksgiving
News: It's actually going to be a worthwhile game to watch.

Dolphins at Cowboys
Cowboys are at home, they have a turkey with 5000 drumsticks on the sidelines, Miami sucks...the list goes on. Well, no it doesn't. That's really all that matters. Mmmmm...drumsticks.

San Fran at Baltimore
You know what? I'm going to engage in a little wishful thinking here and say that the Niners are going to pick up a road win against the hated Ravens. Why? They've lost to some crappy teams and barely held off some good teams. Granted, the Niners haven't had the toughest schedule, but they're still playing strong.

Buffalo at Jets
They have tied records, and this could be a tough call...could be, but it's not. Jets.

Bears at Raiders
I know I've been all about the Raiders, but this week, I think it's going to go the Bears way.

Browns at Bungles
Important divisional game. I'd really like the Brownies to win it to chip away at the Bungles' record...but, no. The Bungles are really good, water is no longer wet and the sky is no longer blue. We actually have to worry about them down the stretch.

Vikings at Falcons
Until the Vikings get an overhaul on everything down to their jockstraps and choice of mustard at the concession stand, I can't pick them for anything.

Texans at Jags
See above, apply it to the Jags, but with a little less vehemence.

Arizona at Rams
The battle of who can suck less. Rams win by a hair, but only because they're at home.

Bucs at Titans
Again, tough call, so take the home team.

Panthers at Colts
You heard it hear first - this is the week that the Colts cease to be winless. I've been saying they won't get beaten down all season, and I think that this is the game that they finally do it. They're playing a lousy team, they're at home, they're going to be underestimated just because they're ten games in the hole.

Skins at Hawks
Skins are still quite sad and the Hawks can come through big. Take them at home.

Pats at Eagles
Well, the Eagles hate the Pats that's good for morale. They'll be up for this game and have a boisterous home crowd. Unfortunately for them, the Pats don't care. Pats win.

Denver at Chargers
Tough call. The Broncs are arguably better than the Chargers, but they're on the road. On the other hand, the Chargers generally seem to hate me and the Broncs love to prove me, I'm calling the Broncos for once, and we'll see how it plays out.

Pittsburgh at Chiefs
Tyler Palko is starting.

Giants at Saints
Both teams are good. Both teams have lost more than they should have. Saints are better and at home. Neither team is my pick for the Super Bowl, but it's still going to be an entertaining match-up this week.

Green Bay over Detroit
Cowboys over Dolphins
San Fran over Baltimore
Jets over Buffalo
Bears over Raiders
Bungles over Browns
Falcons over Vikings
Texans over Jags
Rams over Arizona
Titans over Bucs
Colts over Panthers
Hawks over Skins
Pats over Eagles
Denver over Chargers
Pittsburgh over Chiefs
Saints over Giants


  1. Well I see neither of you are giving the Ravens any love and that's fine. We'll just have to go out and show everyone who we are. Maybe Palko will play out of his mind. Yeah that will happen. At least we all can hope that the Browns can make some noise in Cincy. Have a great Turkey day guys.

  2. It's more of a vote of confidence in the 49ers than anything against your boys. I just think they're better at winning ugly.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. I think the Panthers will still beat the Colts, especially with Cam Newton playing. Great post, and make sure to check out my blog The NFL Report (the link is here)