Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weidman's Picks, Week 17

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Alrighty - All I've got left to play for is pride and finishing strong. Basically, I'm the Browns of this Pick 'Em stupidity.

Carolina at NOLA:
Easy pick to start this out. Carolina has been a disappointment all season, and NOLA is still looking to kick some ass at home.

Buffalo at Pats:
Might as well finish my season's picks with the old tried-and-true "Don't pick against Brady, especially at home" tactic.

Chicago at Minnesota:
Usually, the pick is to take the home team in close games, but I still can't bring myself to pick the Vikings.

Jets at Miami:
Much like the above, I just can't bring myself to pick the Fish, even though they're slightly favored and at home. The Jets have had a rough time of it, but Miami just sucks.

Niners at Rams:
Another easy pick. I still won't pick the Rams until they prove themselves, and the Niners still kick ass. I'd love the Rams to beat them and end their season with a (meaningless) statement, but it's not gonna happen.

Detroit at Pack:
Pack's at home, and Detroit is still Detroit. They're going to the playoffs, and I'm sure they're glad for that. Unless the Pack slacks off to save energy for the post season, then they're going to run away with this. The thought of them slacking off is the only explanation for Vegas favoring Detroit by three and a half when they're playing a team like the Pack at home - a place they haven't lost all season.

Washington at Philly:
Neither team has anything left to play for besides pride. The Eagles need to at least end their season 50/50 so that they're not a total laughing stock (what with their Dream Team and all.) They're at home, and Washington is pathetic.

Indy at Jacksonville:
You know what? Eff it. Indy has won two in a row. I said I wouldn't pick them again until they accomplished that, and they did. I have nothing to lose in my picks, they have nothing to lose (or gain) on the season - I'm going to be bold and pick them on the road to close it out. I'm also going to buy stock on margin and back a land war in Asia. If there's a Sicilian who's willing to wager when death is on the line, I'll take the bet. Screw it.

Tennessee at Houston:
I don't know what to say - Tenn is actually favored on the road for this one. They also have something to play for when Houston doesn't. I'll play the odds and take them.

Seattle at Steelers West:
Neither team has anything to play for, both have the same records, neither is very good...Home team.

Kansas City at Denver:
Sorry KC, no matter who I pick, Denver's gonna screw me. So, I'll be safe and pick them 'cause they're at home.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta:
Not even a question - Atlanta is going to stomp TB into the ground to close this season out.

Baltimore at Bungles:
Okay, the fact is, the Ravens are favored and they know what's on the line here. But they're only favored by a point and a half, and Cincy is going to want to totally screw them. Ravens just got past the Brownies last week - I know - and the road has not been their friend this season. Also, the Ravens have been nice enough to choke for us already this season. Pretty much everything rides on this game for us and for them. Which is going to win out? Cincy's hate for the Ravens and their love for playing the upset card - or the Raven's "have to"? I really don't know. I'm picking the Bungles because I really think they can pull it off - but I'm scared that I'm doing it because I want them to.

Steelers at Browns:
See the above and cast us as the Ravens. I know - it hurt to even type that. But, as I've been saying for years, it's easy to hate the Ravens because we're such similar teams, fans and cultures in so many ways. This game is really no different. The Browns are worse than the Bungles, but they love playing the upset. Also, they almost got Baltimore last week, and we're coming into their house this week. We have to win this one to best the Ravens and the Browns know it. Wouldn't surprise me in the least that they and the Bungles are texting back and forth to plan this shit out. The difference is that I'm picking the Steelers because I know they can beat the Browns...but I'm scared that I'm doing it because I want them to.

San Diego at Oakland:
Might as well pick the Raiders one last time this season. Don't let me down, guys.

Dallas at New York Football Giants:
Pride match right here. Eli Manning is the Manning these days, and that is something. Also, Romo is...well, he's Romo and that's the best he can do. It's late season, and that's not a good time for him. Also, he's hurting bad these days. I think that the Giants are going to come up strong to end the season, and Dallas is going to come up Romo.

NOLA over Carolina
Pats over Buffalo
Chicago over Minnesota
Jets over Miami
Niners over Rams
Pack over Detroit
Philly over Washington
Indy over Jacksonville
Tennessee over Houston
Steelers West over Seattle
Denver over Kansas City
Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Bungles over Baltimore
Steelers over Browns
Oakland over San Diego
New York Football Giants over Dallas

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